We started photography in 1950 my father do phoptography at that time for king of udaipur 03-10-1966 i was born but my father kept the name Manohar art Studio in 1958. Grandfather was also a photographer now this time is digital be in 1955. my Grandfather do mixing at that time there was no negetive and at that time there were paper neg they use paper box camera all their experience to me.

From 1983 i entered in photography where i was in 7th class that time client wait for me and tell my father he will come at 5 pm from his school than client say that "Aap ka beta school se aayega unhi se khichwayenge" and they wait for me after so much of efforts we come to this point our photography is famous in the world NRI's from U.S. , Canada, London, Dubai, Kuwait, Singapor, Hong Konge comes to us.

I thinks this this art is god gift to me .